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Have you thought about traveling to Hawaii for your vacation or just to spend a few days away in the one of the beautiful islands of this tropical state. If you have you will probably hear the term “hula” quite a bit. Hula basically stands for dance which is accompanied by song or chant. Originally it was developed by the Polynesians who had settled in the Hawaiian Islands. The song or chat accompanying the hula is known as a mele. A hula is used to dramatize on the mele.With there being different types of a hula it may be confusing but can be easily understood with just a bit of research. Normally there are two broad categories for hula. Ancient hula is also known as kahiko and was performed the Western encounters of Hawaii. This was normally accompanied by not only chant but traditional instruments as well. After evolving a bit hula fell under the Western influence leading it to be called auana. This type of hula is accompanied by chant and Western musical instruments such as the ukulele, the guitar, and the double bass.

Many hula dancers are performed at restaurants as live entertainment or at luaus in which many dancers will perform over a period of time. There are many hula dancers who also perform during celebrations such as weddings, dances, birthdays, and other special occasions.

Most individuals enjoy watching the professional hula dancers perform. Its amazing how their body flows so well with the music.


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